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The disinfectants made available by Herli eliminate microorganisms, microbes, bacteria, viruses and other parasites. Our products are not corrosive, they can be used in drinking water works but also in places including in particular swimming pools, aquariums, basins and other waters, air conditioning systems, as well as walls and floors in private places, public and industrial also in the field of veterinary hygiene. They can be applied to surfaces in contact with foodstuffs intended for humans and animals.
Moreover, the product is biodegradable and has no impact on the environment. The content of organic components is low, so is the risk of recontamination low too.
Our Panox® disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide added with peracetic acid is the subject of a request to ECHA under the number BC-SB 034343-54. This request is part of a biocidal directive at European level (RPB UE N ° 528/2012).

Herli France brings state-of-the-art cleaning & disinfection to drinking water networks and to a broad spectrum of industries. Herli delivers effectiveness, safety and environmental protection to sensitive areas.

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