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Specialists In The Water Industry

Herli France brings state-of-the-art cleaning & disinfection to drinking water networks and to a broad spectrum of industries. Herli delivers effectiveness, safety and environmental protection to sensitive areas.


Herli Products

Disinfectants & Cleaning products

Approved products

Homologated & certified. Our products are being used in areas that directly effect the environment, therefore our products are certified to meet up to the highest standards.

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Herli Equipment

Developed with know-how in the field.

The right tools for the job

With the right combination of tools and chemistry from Herli your job simply gets easier. Having the right balance within tools and chemistry supports safe and effective results.

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Trading Products

To serve you best at your task.

Only the best the market offers

Complementary equipment from well known manufacturers with proven solutions. Providing you the whole package of tools and chemistry is what Herli makes the best partner for the job.

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The right service to support your task

Sharing knowledge

What’s knowledge worth when keeping it all for yourself. Sharing knowledge supports our common goals. Our extensive knowledge is yours to use, it’s within both of our interest.

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Liters water per day per inhabitant
Liters water to produce 1 kg. sugar
Liters water to produce 1 kg. steel
Liters water to produce 1 kg. of paper



Herli is member of the network of eco-companies of Alsace. This young and flexible structure is the result of a joint initiative of the Alsace Region and Chambers of Commerce. 450 eco-enterprises are counted in Alsace, twice the national density: the network structures and brings together their initiatives and projects.

Our Core Values

In order to create mutual respect in doing business together we serve you like we would like to be served ourselves. Setting the highest standard to achieve our common goals is the standard.

Trusted Partners

Ensuring reliability is not only within our own products. Carefully selected complementary equipment to serve you in your task is of uppermost importance. We take care of it.

Serving the water industry

Herli develops innovative solutions for the cleaning and disinfection of drinking water installations and for many other sectors. Herli guarantees efficiency, safety and protection of the environment in all sensitive areas. For Herli, cleaning and disinfection are inseparable, for “one only disinfects what is clean”.


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